Where has the time flown.....

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I just realized that it's been almost a month since I last blogged. My friend Kim has been making comments here and there about how she was looking for a message letting her know that I had blogged but I didn't realize how long it's actually been. Needless to say it's been a whirlwind of a month and May just seemed to be a real short month. So I'll give a quick recap of what's happened around the Burress House this month.
I decided to do some followup emailing for my family reunion scrapbook project the first week of the month. I had sent out a second batch of group sheets for family members to correct/update so their scrapbook page could be as current as possible. Some photos started coming back in and I've noticed that either I get no answer at all or a quick answer, photos and updated info.
Then my mom, brother, sister and niece made a quick trip down to Banks, Oregon to visit my aunt who had been diagnosed with Tissue Cancer. She had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for several months and having an extremely hard time just moving around. Six weeks ago she found out it was cancer, had three to six months to live at the most and treatment might give her a month or so more but no guarantee of it and she would probably be sicker as a result.
So we spent a day with her and I was lucky enough to see two cousins that I had not seen in over 15 years. We stopped at the Factory Outlet Stores in Centralia on our way down and did about an hours worth of power shopping at Bath & Body Works, Nike Clearance Store and the Vanity Fair/Lee Outlet. I bought work pants for Mike, my sister bought tennis shoes for friends down in CA, Rachael and Michael bought some aromatherapy "Pillow Spray" that smelt like lavender that's supposed to help you relax and go to sleep.
Then we spent a day getting Christina's graduation annuncements done. (I still have 50 left to make tonight). We have decided to have a party/open house/luau on the Friday after graduation. The dollar store proved to be a treasure trove of luau decorations and even had "Graduation Party" stuff with a Hawaiian theme. Christina's Cap & Gown arrived mid-month so it's becoming "real" to us that she is almost a "full fledged adult" and could actually get married/move out if she was so inclined....but I doubt that will happen because she recently informed me that she plans on living at home until she is 41.....I think NOT!!!! Now we have begun "Graduation Gift" negotiations.
I think part of the reason that the month has "flown by" is because Memorial Day weekend was earlier than normal. We went to Millersylvania for three days of camping with the Kelly's. Sam and I took the kids geocaching. Turns out the boys had dabbled in Geocaching while at Camp Goodtimes. We set out to find two caches (one of which was a two parter) found the first half of one then found out from some fellow geocachers we ran into on the trail that the second half was missing. Found "The Big Tree" cache, dropped off a Travel Bug at "It's Miller Time" and we planted a new cache. I still need to go upload the coordinates for the "KB Toy Box" at www.geocaching.com and update my log book to reflect dropping off the Travel Bug.
Last week I got news that my Aunt's cancer was more involved than originally diagnosed and that three months was on the "extremely optimistic side". While camping over Memorial Day weekend my mom had to call me and let me know that my Aunt passed away.
So this week turned into another busy week. I went back to work on Tuesday then left for Oregon with my niece and son on Tuesday night. Attended her memorial service on Wednesday then took an extra day to visit with cousins and my uncle who had flown in from Utah. It was a nice visit and all agreed that we needed to make an effort to get together and reconnect more often under happier circumstances. I took the opportunity to update everyone's family info in my genealogy program and was even able to have some family members identified in old family photos.