Cool Guy Scrapping Contest and a Freebie link

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Hummie has decided to kick of National Scrapbooking Day (May 2nd) with a Cool Guy Scrapping Contest where you scrap about the men in your life/family. The contest will run over the next seven weeks with the winner being announced on Fathers Day. Her guys (she is the only female in the family) are going to be the judges.

Leave it to Hummie to dangle a contest in front of me that I just can't resist. She is kicking it off on Saturday and you can get all the info on it HERE at Hummiesworld.

She was thinking ahead and has even created a thread for "guy kits" so we have sources! Deb (Scrappin Cop) has a great kit you can get for free on her blog. I've posted a couple images from the kit so you can see them.

So...if you have a guy in your life who is into tools (what guy isn't) or who is a construction worker this may be the kit for you. Now I'm going to have to figure out if I can somehow coordinate doing a couple layouts for this contest and complete my other scrapping project in time.

Cool Freebie Kit!!!!

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Mathilde stopped by my blog last night so I naturally went to her blog to go leave some love and check it out. Even with my non-French speaking skills I was able to figure out that she had the most beautiful free kit available!!! Go check it out at her blog!! Its a huge collab kit from Soval, Joey, Penny57, Scoubidoo and Cjournet13. If you follow the link to this kit there is also an opportunity for 4 more free kits designed by Joey!!

Joy's Family Page

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I completed the first page of my Smith Family Scrapbook project. This is the first "album" I will have completed that has a recurring theme. I have done pages here and there for my family but never have I tackled a project of this magnitude. I am going to be creating one page for each family that covers five to six generations of our family. This is giving me an opportunity to update our family history and share it with the entire family. Lucky for me our family has consistently held family reunions bi-annually for the past 26 years so we have a contact list that is pretty extensive and current. The finished book will be auctioned off during our family reunion this summer. Every year there is one "Big Item" and this will be that item this year. Money from our auction gives the reunion committee for the next reunion some seed money to make deposits for venues and other administrative costs like printing and stamps. Each family will get a copy of their page before the reunion.

Page Credits: Quickpage from Naturally Expressive by Cheryl
Small Red Frame
Creekside Cottage Designs Freebie from the Holly Jolly Blog Train

Spring has sprung here in Washington

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We have had absolutely beautiful weather the past four days low 70's and sunny!!!
I've started working on a Scrapbook for the Smith Family Reunion this summer. After creating family group sheets so I could update everyone's info I realized that the project was going to be bigger than expected and actually had to create a spreadsheet. This way I can track who I sent group sheets to, who's updated and returned them, if I've uploaded their info in the program, have I received photos, started the page, completed the page and if I have printed it. Once the entire book is completed (by June) it will be auctioned off at our Family Reunion. We hold a silent and verbal auction right before the Saturday night family business meeting. The money raised at the auction goes to the Reunion Fund which helps cover reunion costs and create seed money for the next one.

Final tournament and a freebie from Royanna!!!

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Hockey season is finally winding down in our house this weekend. We are hosting this weekend's tournament (Daffodil Invitational) and we finished the first two of our four games yesterday. We lost 0-2 to the Eugene Jr. Generals last night. Eugene scored both of their goals in the last 5 minutes of the game. The kids came out excited about how close the score was and talking about what a great game it was. There was actually no complaining about the refs or the other teams sportsmanship. Which is amazing for Midget (8-12 grade) players considering that they are competing against teams that are house level, midget "All-Star" teams whereas we are just a house team made up of Bantams and Midgets who lovesplaying hockey. The kids are already looking forward to next season because for the first time in four years they have a coach who is committed to staying, they will only lose one player to "aging out" and our three Bantams who "played up" are going to be Midget aged next year. The kids are already setting up what nights each month they all want to "drop-in" on as a team over the summer.

Freebie from Royanna and an Easter Egg Hunt at Divine Digital

I woke up this morning to an email from announcing Divine Digital's First Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Zipped over to check it out and will probably spend the rest of the week hanging out there finding "Easter Eggs". I firmly believe that no one is too old for an Egg Hunt "Cyber Style". While checking out the forums at Divine I noticed that Royanna announced that she has a free Easter Kit that she is sharing on her blog.
Here is the link to her blog!!

Here is the info on the Divine Digital Egg Hunt!!!

Have a great weekend and have fun hunting for easter eggs!