Hackers just peeve me off!!!

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Well...due to hackers Divine Digital's website is down. It was completely destroyed earlier this week and will probably take a couple of weeks for them to get everything restored. Which means that they may end up missing out on all the Digital Scrapbooking Day activities. For the first time I actually thought about how a hacker can literally destroy an online business. For all intents and purposes if it had been a brick and mortar store hackers are the equivalent of a burglar who breaks into a store and vandalizes everything to the point that they can't reopen for business for weeks or months.  Hopefully they will catch the hacker and punish them accordingly.

Autumn Harvest Digital Kit
Snappy Scrap Template Set 1

Tonight while we have been watching scary movies I sat here and worked on this layout. I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go other than using a template with the layout. Once I got started everything just started falling in place and I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use. We rebuilt the driveway gate two years ago and for some oddball reason I didn't remember to take before and after photos only a few during the rebuild. Mike and Alex gave me a hard time about taking these ones.

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