Wow he cleans up nicely!!

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For a couple of years now Mike has admired the "Charlie Sheen look" on Two and a Half Men. When I went to Palm Springs last year for a work meeting he asked me to find him one of those bowling shirts. Well I about croaked when I found one he liked and it was $180 (Nat Nast) and he immediately informed me that I was not to buy it. So I've went online a couple of times and bid on a couple of nice silk bowling shirts for him but refused to pay more than $30 for one sight unseen. So when the boss took us to Hawaii for a staff retreat (instead of Arizona in October) I decided that I was going to really look for one of those shirts again. I found several at Moonbow Tropics (store in the hotel lobby) but they were all Nat Nast's and started at $145. I really didn't find any that he would like at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet on Saturday morning. Then I hit paydirt at Macy's at the Pearl Ridge Shopping Center on Saturday afternoon. I was able to get him a 100% Vintage Silk Bowling Shirt in their "Island Style" section for only $30 on sale and after my Macy's Card Discount. I had four different ones in my hand but knew that this was "the one" that he would love the best. Then on Tuesday we decided to take a trip around the island and stopped at the Premium Outlet Mall in Waikele. At the Tommy Bahama Store I scored a pair of $100 Tommy Bahama's casual leather sneaker/loafers from their "Relax" line for 75% off. He came out looking pretty sharp. Although he still thinks he needs to wear socks like Charlie does in the show.

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