's hard to believe that fall is here!

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Life has been real crazy at our house this past weekend for me. I worked out at the Washingtonian's for Wildlife Conservation booth at the Fair on Thursday night, Friday the dogs went to the vet for some long overdue checkups. Hemi has been limping due to a strained muscle and Tina apparently has an ear infection and a urinary tract one. So $150 in prescriptions later they are both on the mend. Although I have discovered that pet medications are definintely cheaper online!!! If I had purchased them online they would have only cost me about $50. But I did save over $600 on their checkups by joining Banfield Animal Hospital's Wellness Plan. We signed up for the Basic plus for Tina since it includes a yearly teeth cleaning. We signed Hemi up for the Basic this year and will swap it over to the Basic Plus next year. Kiwi isn't signed up yet but we will probably sign her up next year. They all needed shots and boosters this year and Kiwi will be due for boosters next year. We had plans to go watch Daniel's (Christina's best friend) football game but we got out of the vet to late. I spent Saturday doing stuff around the house, grocery shopping, relaxing and reading and promptly fell asleep around 11pm.
This morning I decided that some of the yardwork on the street side of the house needed to get done. It has beauty bark and as such every few years we need to replace all of it. About two years ago the waterline broke and they had to tear out part of the retaining wall and a 3 foot trench across the sideyard to the house. We should have redid the beauty bark after that but didn't. Then this summer I decided that we either needed to redo the bark this fall or rip up all the overgrown weeds and plant grass. I figured either way we needed to rip out the weeds so I got started on it. five hours later I had it about a third of the way done with the hardest part of it being knocked out. While doing all of it I decided that we would plant grass instead of beauty bark. This is the best time of the year to plant it because the root system has until next summer to develop. I also realized that if we do beauty bark I'd probably be weeding and that grass was just easier to mow. 
Now every night this week (rain or shine) I'm going to have to be out there finishing up the project and getting the grass seed planted before it gets much cooler during the daytime.

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