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About a month ago I went ahead and created a Facebook page. It has been fun connecting with people I went to school with. I've even connected with some friends from elementary school. Two nights ago when checking out the photo album on one of my alma mater's I noticed that people that were the same age as me were posting alot of photos. So I started uploading some of the ones that I scanned last month. Somehow I've managed to only get some of my brother's school stuff scanned and none of mine yet. So it was fun uploading old photos of him. He will be suprised if and when he gets his own facebook page.
Ever since I joined facebook I rarely check my myspace page. Facebook is so much nicer and I like the uniformity of it. Some may hate the fact that they can't "reformat" it to match their tastes but you can still have lots of fun with the various applications that they have.

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